Nusret Sen

Dear comrades,

In recent times, in every mass activity, in every uprising, there is necessarily talk about the important role of the social press and social media.

What is the technology that makes this media style, this communication style possible?

This technology is microchips.

Micro-chips are the technology that makes the social media possible. They are also a technology that, hand in hand with the historical accumulation of the industry, makes possible the full automation of production, the full automation of the distribution of everything produced, the automation of transport and communication-social media is part of this form of communication. Therefore, they are a technology that makes abundance possible in all areas of life and the highest level of information and education can be delivered to all individuals. Health care and sports facilities, too. The time and opportunities that individuals need for all this can be most readily and easily created. Everything necessary for abundance on earth has become possible thanks to micro-chips, electrification and mechanization.

While we have the ability to produce everything with the most modern techniques and in abundance and automatically, we hear that people produce things with the most backward means of production and tools in today's world and are crushed in collapsing mines, collapsing factories, and burned in workshops whose windows and doors are locked with iron bars. In the fields, farmers are forced to produce using wooden plough, people take and drink water from rainwater accumulated in muddy pits, and they are exhausted due to hard work and die of starvation and disease and hard working conditions.

In other words, in conditions where there are automated production and distribution opportunities with the most progressive techniques on earth, imperialist capitalism produces and distributes with the most backward techniques. In other words, imperialist capitalism is not a symbol of efficiency in production, but of inefficiency in production. It represents inefficiency, not efficiency, not progress, but backwardness in production, and this is a phenomenon that anyone who is not blinded with bourgeois prejudices can easily see. In the era of micro-chips, in the era of automation, look at the production style and production opportunities that the gentlemen who rule the world offer humanity. It's a disgrace! It is reactionary! The bourgeois present to us and represent the backward, not the forward. At a time when abundance on earth for everyone is a known possibility, imperialist capitalism offers people poverty. Communism is the only social force that can make efficiency in production, automation in production, and therefore abundance on Earth possible, and communism is the only social force that can use the capabilities of micro-chips for the benefit of the society.

Those who behave so in production, behaves so in politics too. They talk of democracy, but social media, which micro-chips make possible, that is, the possibility of automated and widespread communication, widespread information collection and the ability to present this collected information to all individuals, all these point to a new stage in democracy. All this points to the active and direct participation of every citizen in democracy, all this points to direct democracy. But what are the bourgeois doing? Where and when they have not thrown away the parliamentary representative democracy they are lauding parliamentary representative democracy. They don't even want to hear about the direct democracy that the internet makes possible. They're trying to kill direct democracy before it is born. To accomplish this task, they create supporters on both their right and their left sides. In other words, they represent the fact that the so called lovers of democracy are actually enemies of democracy; they represent not the expansion of democracy amongst the people, not the spread of active participatory democratic activity in the ranks of the people, but its restriction. They represent not the advancement of democracy, but keeping it as is and indeed it’s regressing. Communists are the only defenders of the expansion of democracy, of further progression of democracy, of democracy that takes the form of active participation of all individuals, communists are the only defenders of direct democracy.

Those who can do nothing but wage war against their own nation and their own citizens besides the war between nations are the bourgeois, those who declare war propaganda and war making a crimes against humanity are communists. The only ones who do as they say are the communists and they openly declare that giving the blood thirsty Nazis and fascists the right to free speech means enmity to democracy and to humanity, while it is the bourgeoisie who with their free speech that is given to the Nazis and fascists fights against democracy and humanity.

For this and many other reasons, the reconstruction of communism reveals itself as a clear necessity. All our attention must be focused on the fulfilment of this task. Communism should be reconstructed, all democrats, all peace lovers, all revolutionaries, all leftists, all human lovers should be organised around communists representing the most efficient production and abundance, representing the most developed democracy, and thus the active participation of every individual in democracy, this organisation around the communists should represent a direct democratic central power of all. They must all together realize direct democracy and the fully automated production that corresponds to it.

The future is bright. It is a temporary situation that the path drawn by microchips is closed by reactionary imperialist capitalism, and the world illuminated by microchips is darkened by reactionaries who have waged war against microchips and direct democracy. What is certain is that the future is bright. In the future, there is automated production, abundance and direct democracy built by communist-led workers and the people, made possible by microchips.

We are on this path, we will win the workers to this path. It is impossible to advance outside this path, it is impossible to achieve scientific socialism outside this path.