Message by CP of Turkey, Greece and India to the 20th Congress of the CPSU, 1956


Greeting from the Communist Party Turkey 

Received a written greeting from the Communist Party Turkey. (Applause). 

Greetings will be announced by Comrade Mukhitdinov.

Mukhitdinov N. A. (reads):

“XX Congress of the Communist Party Soviet Union. 

Dear comrades! 

The Communist Party Turkey and its Central Committee welcome the 20th Congress of the great party of Lenin and express to her their ardent love and appreciation. (Applause). 
This congress one more time demonstrates to the whole world the invincible power of the Soviet Union, the progress and successes achieved by it in all areas, its advancing in giant steps towards communism. (Applause). 
Your congress from your high rostrum one more time declares the desire of the Soviet Union to live in peace with the Turkish republic, have good–neighbourly, friendly relations. Turkish people with great joy and feeling deep respect meets this sincere desire of his great neighbour. (Applause). 
War preparation policy, imposed on Turkey against the wishes of our people by Western colonialists, militaristic circles of America and their accomplices, led our country, our people to isolation. Participation in military blocs and related armament costs, which over the past seven years amounted to 9.5 billion lire, have led our country to a deep economic crisis, doomed the people to poverty and deprived them of their national independence. 
And so, when Turkey is on the edge of the abyss, an old friend of the Turkish people, “a friend of its dark days”–the Soviet Union—again extends the hand of friendship to us and says: “We were friends before, let’s become them again.” (Applause). 
This fact shows not only peacefulness Soviet Union, but also resolutely refutes all slander, which by the enemies of the Turkish people is being built on our neighbour. The Turkish people heartily welcome this sincerity of the Soviet government.
Broad masses of the people Turkey wants there to be between the Soviet Union and Turkey healthy political, economic and cultural good neighbourly relations. 
The Communist Party of Turkey, all Turkish patriots, working masses and all our people wish so that a real honest friendship, since this friendship is primarily in the interests of the Turkish people, their national independence. Our people do not want military blocs causing enormous harm to its national interests. 
We wish great success to the XX Congress Communist Party of the Soviet Union. 
Long live indestructible bulwark of the world, the closest friend of the oppressed peoples, the great neighbour of Turkey—the Soviet Union! (Applause.) 
Long live the Communist Party Soviet Union! (Applause). 


(Stormy, prolonged applause. Everyone stands up). 

Greetings from the Communist Party of Greece. 

Pervukhin. Comrades!

The Presidium of the Congress received greetings from the Communist Party of Greece. (Applause).
To announce the text of the greeting, the word is comrade. Kalchenko.

Kalchenko N. T. (reads):

“XX Congress of the CPSU. 
Esteem comrades! 
Allow us on behalf of the Communist party of Greece, in your person greet the party of the builders of communism in the USSR, the leading and a guiding force that illuminates the path by example workers, workers, peoples of the whole world and inspires them to struggle for a better life, freedom, democracy, for a comprehensive cooperation, peace and socialism. 
Recently in Greece there is a further strengthening of the people’s struggle for life and freedom, against the American invasion of our country, for liberation of Cyprus, against local lackeys of foreign imperialism. The expression of this struggle was the creation Democratic Union–an electoral coalition of all political parties of the centre and leftist directions, as well as right–wing parties. 
The creation of the Democratic Union found a deep response among all segments of the population: workers and peasants, intellectuals and civil servants, urban poor and middle strata, officers and clergy, among merchants and industrialists. Cross–party committees established across the country democratic cooperation and struggle. 
The result democratic cooperation is also the fact that elections of 19 February 1956, the Democratic Union achieved significant success. This union gathered an absolute majority votes. In the 15 largest cities of the country, his lists received up to 70 percent of the vote. 
The pre–election terror in Greece was unprecedented, especially in the countryside. Hundreds of thousands of voters were suspended from participation in elections. Electoral program Democratic Union was as follows: democratization internal life and further democratic development of Greece, national foreign policy. The communists of Greece who together with other democrats of the country take an active part in the struggle of the people, they understand that they still have to overcome many great difficulties and obstacles. 
Despite all this, the communists of Greece tirelessly, patiently, persistently, side by side with all other democrats will continue their efforts to the will of the people for better living conditions won in Greece, democracy, independence, peace. We want to assure you comrades, in the fact that the Greek communists will exert all their strength and will do their utmost to implement, in relation to Greek conditions, correct Marxist–Leninist theoretical provisions of the report of the Central Committee of your party, presented to the congress on a number of important issues of world the communist movement and international politics. 
Long live the Communist Party of the Soviet Union!
Long live international workers’ solidarity! 
Long live Marxism –Leninism! 


(Stormy, prolonged applause. Everyone stands up). 

Greetings from the Communist Party of India

Burkatskaya. Word for greetings from the Communist Party of India provided by Comrade Ajoy Ghosh. (Stormy, long applause. Everyone stands up). 

Ghosh A.

Dear comrades! 

Allow me on behalf of the Communist Party of India to convey a warm fraternal greetings to the XX Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, its Leninist Central Committee and the entire Soviet the people who are at the forefront of progressive humanity towards bright goal—communism. (Stormy applause.) 
The Great October Socialist Revolution that liberated the peoples former tsarist colonies and had a huge impact on the entire East; the victory of the camp of democracy led by the USSR over forces of fascism; the historically important victory of the Chinese people; successes scored by the Korean and Vietnamese peoples in their the struggle against the imperialists, and a huge increase in national the liberation movement of colonial peoples—all this put an end to the old order in the vast expanses of the East and made profound changes in the environment around the world. 
Firmly following the Leninist principle of peaceful coexistence, the camp socialism, led by the Soviet Union and by the Chinese People’s Republic, has taken bold steps to easing international tension and creating atmosphere of goodwill among peoples. These activities proved to be successful. 
The peoples of the East who threw off yoke of colonialism and striving to restore their economy, find a faithful ally in the Soviet Union, a reliable and unselfish friend and brother offering help without any political commitment. An example this is an agreement to build a steel plant in India a plant that will increase the production of our the steel industry by one million tons of steel per year.
This friendship is expressed in a warm, the unforgettable meeting of comrades N. A. Bulganin and N. S. Khrushchev during their stay in our country. Huge crowds of people filled streets wherever they drove. Millions of people cheered every word they say. The slogan sounded powerful: “Hindi, Rusi–Bhai, bhai! “Simple in form, but deep in content, this the slogan, as it were, summed up the feelings of the Indian people. (Applause). 
The trip of comrades N. A. Bulganin and N. S. Khrushchev became a national holiday of Indo–Soviet friendship, in which was attended by all classes, all parties and all strata of the people.
This holiday was a testimony national unity of the broadest type. Indian people deeply appreciates the position of the Soviet Union on the Goa issue and Kashmir, sharply opposed to the position of the American imperialists. This fact shows our people who are his true friend. 
The Joint declaration signed by comrades N.A. Bulganin and N. S. Khrushchev and Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru on December 13, 1955 and published then the same, the joint Indian–Soviet communiqué is documents of enormous historical significance. They represent a huge contribution to the cause of peace in Asia and around the world and are an example for the whole world of how two countries with different political systems can establish friendly relations based on historical the principles of “panca sila”. 
Longing for peace and striving to strengthen its national freedom, Republic of India currently plays a huge role in the international arena. It acts as a great world power. India resolutely refused to join the aggressive blocs and condemned them as a threat to peace, like the intervention of one country in the affairs of another. The Indian government’s peace policy enjoys broad support from all patriotic and democratic forces in our country. Before the Indian people there are difficult tasks on the path of eliminating the legacy of colonialism and on the path of creating a wealthy, happy life for the people masses. 
But our party, which was in the forefront of the struggle for national freedom, for a consistent policy of peace, for achieving the well–being of the people, I am sure that, relying on broad national unity, embracing democratic and patriotic forces of all parties, classes and strata of the population, the great Indian people will be able to accomplish these tasks. we are confident that friendship between the three great countries of the world–the USSR, China and India–will grow steadily, being the most a powerful factor in world peace. (Applause and changes). 
We are confident that India, the country of the world’s oldest civilization, created amazing examples of culture that only knew humanity, will make an even greater contribution to the treasury of the world culture and will play together with all peace–loving and progressive forces have an even more prominent role in moving humanity forward to progress. 
Long live the Communist Party of the Soviet Union–avant–garde progressive humanity! (Applause).
Long live the Leninist Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party Union–the embodiment of collective wisdom, experience and will Soviet people! (Applause). 
Long live the friendship between USSR and India! 
(Stormy, prolonged applause. All get up).