Restoration of Capitalism-1

Hello Comrades
Let us try to understand the restoration of capitalism be it in Yugoslavia be it in People’s Democracies, be it in USSR.
Present day “theories” on the subject matter are most certainly based on Tito-Trotsky line and has served the purpose of undermining our movement and they are still doing so.
We must put an end to these “theories” and lift the revolutionary spirit of the communist and the proletariat for the battels ahead: be it for assumption of power be it for building of socialism-communism in each country and in the whole world!

Before 1953 March we had
1. two parallel world markets-not one capitalist world Market. A socialst – democratic world market and a capitalist world market. UN has already turned into a war propagating organisation, undermining its own foundation. War danger was a constant-being organised by USA and lackeys-organised in NATO and UN.
2. all capitalist countries being led by USA and being subservient to USA-thus national liberation becoming a task for even the most developed countries of the world. In these countries and in colonial-dependent countries this fignt for liberation from national oppression was being led by communist parties (and democratic parties closely allied to communist parties)
3 Peoples democracies were building socialism while USSR was building communism, the CPs were and strong in the metropolis and colonial and dependent countries and was the leader of all nations fight for liberation from USA imperialism and its lackeys.
4. in the USSR we had the fastest computers and fully automated factories and we were beginning to fully automate all industrial production using electronics coupled with computerisation. We also begun to apply the Stalin plan of transformation of nature – guaranteeing food production for all Soviet people and more.
In line with these national and international developments the program of the CP of SU was being revised so that building of communism could become the basis of the program.
5. during the 2. WW and immediately after Spies (Tito and others) penetrated to the top leadership of our Yugoslav Party, overtook the party and the state and organised the restoration of capitalism in Yugoslavia-spies were being told to enter the parties and work in a fashion that they could occupy a place at the top leading positions of the C parties. In the top leadership of the parties of Peoples Democracies spies were arrested and were tried and were being tried.

1. Bulganin; Beria; Malenkov; Khrushchev; Voroshilov; Kaganovich; Mikoyan; Molotov. These are the well-known and respected old leaders of USSR.
But there are already changes to these leaders and their positions before 5 March 1953.
5 March 1953: Death of Stalin.
After 5 March 1953, it is these leaders that have taken the steps to change Stalin’s Party and State organisation and its leadership.
On 5 march 1953 Party organisation and its top leadership is changed by these people- these old-respected leaders of the Soviet People.
2. 14 March 1953: Supreme Soviet meeting: State organisation-State structure and its leaders are changed. Malenkov declares “they” used to discuss these changes with Stalin.
3. Foreign ministry: Molotov comes back-Vishinski is replaced by Molotov;
Beria comes back- he takes over all functions of internal-external security-intelligence services.
Mikoyan comes back: all trade-internal exterenal to him.
And as we said the very structure of the state organs is changed.
4. Amnesty of Criminals-Including the Doctor killers of Soviet leaders: all under Beria and these top ten’s leadership.
nkvd: changed
Politburo changed:
Writers-union: changed
5. 16 June 1953; Party leadership of German Democratic republic meets and takes decisions to increase consumer good production; reduce tax from farmers; increase prices of their products; reduce the number of industrial projects. This is the “new line” which, after August 1953 Supreme Soviet will be applied in the USSR and all People’s democracies. This is the overturning of Lenin-Stalin’s line.
This is followed by an uprising in GDR (what we today call colour revolution-attempted) which leads to the murder of many communists. Uprising is put down and after the put down GDR party leadership still defend the “new line.
(It is said that Beria proposed and imposed this line on GDR and that he wanted to give up GDR to West-that he wanted to re establish relations with Tito, Tito’s Yugoslavia)
It is well known that not only the new line put forward by GDR leadership on 16 June 1953 -as well as establishing relations with Yugoslavia that is Tito -although might have been used to murder Beria were actually applied by the very top leadership mentioned (minus Beria), not only in the USSR but also in all the people’s democracies.
And of course one must note that the question is not a matter of establishing state relations with Yugoslavia for we know that Tito’s line of restoration of capitalism was declared to be a way of building socialism by all these traitors.
This “new line” will be applied in the USSR and all People’s democracies after August 1953 Supreme Soviet meeting. This is the overturning of Lenin-Stalin’s line
6. End of June 1953: Beria is murders (being declared a spy; selling GDR to west and trying to establish relations with Tito-Yugoslavia)
7. August 1953: Supreme Soviet: Malenkov: We had to increase production of means of production (heavy industry) much faster than production of consumer goods. Any other approach would have been Trotskyite. But today, our heavy industry is so powerful that to increase production of consumer goods faster than the increase of production of means of production is no longer Trotskyite.
No one objects to this Trot proposal-which is also and most clearly contrary to the abc of what is thought in the Capital as regards extended reproduction.
Stalin’s plan of building communism in three to four 5 year plans period is thus buried.
We shall now change the 5 year plan (of Stalin-and of building communism- and the plan is a law of the land and not obeying it is a crime against the people- these people are out and out criminals who should have been arrested and punished.
What Malenkov proposes is in fact the USSR version of the plan proposed in 16 June 1953 as a GDR plan and used to murder Beria. They use it to kill Beria and now they apply it themselves and make all People’s Democracies apply it too.
7.1 1953 September Plenum: Khrushchev’s Virgin Lands plan is agreed and Stalin’s plan of transformation of nature- and thus Stalin plan of building communism is thus buried deeper. It seems that Molotov is particularly supportive of Khrushchev plans and attacks Stalin and Stalin’s plans for agriculture.
8. 1954: Economy Political Handbook comes out: (there is a 1953 version of this book-being a good commy a comrade keeps it to himself not making it available to us all.) The law of priority development of production of means of production is in the book-but product exchange is not and section on building communism is purely technical-no economic steps-such as product exchange leading to the change in ownership of kolkhozes is mentioned.
9. 1955. Shepilov defends priority production of means of production. Malenkov of August 1953 is pushed aside- since and Thanks to Shepilov his theoretical distortion on this matter is exposed.
But all practical changes to the Stalin plan which has already been made (increase in consumer goods production and thus in agriculture and reduction in industrial projects) is defended even by Shepilov as mere “changes to the plan to re-establish balances”.
10. 1956; XX. Congress: Not only Shepilov but also Khrushchev defend the priority development of production of means of production and “expose” those who distort it. ( he puts the law into practice as well: by opening up the virgin lands; producing thousands of tractors and lots of chemical fertilisers-not to mention the military production-in other words this law is used as just “heavy industry” instead of production of machinery that builds machinery, the very production of instruments of production)
10.1 There are very good articles written in 1953-1954 explaining the need to increase the use of product exchange: Kolkhozes must be enlarged for their small sizes is blocking development. Product exchange must be used to encourage enlargement: just as during the setting up of kolkhozes encouragement was provided for the small peasants to join the kolkhozes by helping kolkhoz peasants to obtain more products so now kolkhozes must be encouraged to enlarge and to engage in product exchange through helping them obtain more products compared to the kolkhozes that do not enlarge and do not use product exchange. And examples are given.
But at the XX. Congress and from the rostrum the general secretary of the party Khrushchev calls those who defend product exchange (as proposed by Stalin) all sorts of names and ask for development of commodity exchange only!
And no one objects.
The only way of developing kolkhozes towards communist form of property ownership (ownership by all people) is thus blocked.
And a building of communism while the commodity form-in one way or another- is preserved is thus formulated-which invariably leads to the defence of the market socialism-communism.
10.2; Stalin’s other views are attacked openly by Mikoyan and in a less open way by Shepilov: his views on speed of development of technique of production in capitalist countries; his views on development of capitalist world market and crises (This is an attack of socialist world market and praises to capitalist world market)
10.3 Khrushchev’s anti-Stalin speech at the end of the Congress. Secret and yet all parties know it and talk about it immediately after the Congress.

Let us Go back

11. after March 1953: Georgian and Armenian Demands from Turkey and demands relating to the Bosporus have been removed under Molotov. Soon after this the CPSU membership of the leader of the CP of Turkey – Dr. Sefik Husnu Daymer- is annulled.
Relations with Israel is re-established;
Ceasefire on Korea agreed.
12. 1954: USSR Applied to join NATO-an aggressive military block -and was refused by NATO.. Austria given up (for promise of neutrality-while the fact that even the Swiss neutrality is nothing but a farce is well established fact), and that is while the Austrian CP has been fighting against USA led and Marshallised Austria led by USA’s servants .
Vishinski, the foreign minister under Stalin being made a UN representative after his post is given to Molotov, die of heart attack in USA.
13. 1955: Warsaw pact established (against the policy of establishment of military blocks-against the peace policy)
Bandung conference leading to the establishment of none-aligned movement led by Tito is set up and held. Support is provided for none aligned movement –the third roaders led by Tito, and this support becomes a CPSU’s program point in 1985.
Theory of none capitalist way of development of bourgeois states propagated and bourgeois states are supported in their state capitalist development in a big way
Meeting with Tito in Yugoslavia. Tito’s plan of restoration of capitalism declared a way of building socialism. While Yugoslav Party is illegal in Yugoslavia with members in prison and being killed under torture.
14. 1956; Hungary uprising (what we call the colour revolution these days). Many communists are killed.
Cominform and its weekly newspaper (For a lasting peace for peoples democracy)is closed.
Congress of CP of China is held. In this conference too the Yugoslav way is accepted as a way of building socialism-and Yugoslavia is represented and makes a speech. China is declared socialist and its own way of building socialism is also agreed as a contribution to Marxism (in XX. Congress too) (establishing socialism including in agriculture without first establishing industry and thus means of providing industrial goods-tractors etc- for agriculture and without organising class war against the bourgeoisie) Almost all parties are also present at this congress. Party of Labour of Albania as well.
(Mikoyan’s speech at this congress is the first and full program of restoration of capitalism in USSR and destruction of communism in the world! Not the Khrushchev speech at XX. Congress but Mikoyan Speech at the 8th Congress of CPC is the plan of restoration of capitalism in USSR and People’s Democracies and destruction of the world revolution.)
15. Anti-party group-rather a part of the anti-party group (Molotov, Kaganovich, Shepilov, Malenkov, Bulganin) is defeated by the Khrushchev section of the anti-party group.
First new method of communist parties’ cooperation after the closer of Cominform-and after the “anti-party click” is condemned: congress of 81 Communist Parties held followed by the celebration of October in Red Square.

1. We need leaders to run a country-especially a country like USSR. These must be respected leaders; respected for their service to the party, thus to people.
We had Stalin, Zhdanov (both died- or killed) Molotov, Beira, Kaganovich, Voroshilov, Mikoyan, Bulganin, Malenkov and new comers, such as Shepilov, Kosygin, Gromyko, Suslov, Brezhnev, Ponomarenko etc

1.1: we can see that all these leaders have betrayed Lenin-Stalin plan of building socialism-communism and thus the Lenin-Stalin plan of victory of world revolution-communism.
1.2: we also know that it takes thousands of builders to build a mighty dam. But only one or two saboteurs to blow it up; it takes a few spies in the headquarters of an army that betrays its war plans to the enemy for the huge and best army to be defeated by a miserable enemy force.
2. We know that so called objective factors lose almost all their power once we have built socialism thanks to the conscious efforts of the party-state and the working people, and once the working people are convinced of the correctness of the path chosen by the Party. It is than all up to us, up to our cadres and party members who lead the people and thus up to the people as to how things will progress and as to how fast the things will progress.
2.1: If the top leaders are saying and doing things that betray Lenin-Stalin plan of building socialism-communism and thus the Lenin-Stalin plan of victory of world revolution-communism it is up to us, the rest of the cadres and the ordinary members of the party and to people to stop them and to change them with leaders who will defend and apply the Lenin-Stalin plan of building socialism-communism and thus the Lenin-Stalin plan of victory of world revolution-communism.
2.2: We also know that Party discipline and having one leadership is a must to apply Lenin-Stalin plan of building socialism-communism and thus the Lenin-Stalin plan of victory of world revolution-communism. But we also know that this Party discipline and having one leadership to apply Lenin-Stalin plan of building socialism-communism and thus the Lenin-Stalin plan of victory of world revolution-communism must be there precisely for this purpose, that is it must apply Lenin-Stalin plan of building socialism-communism and thus the Lenin-Stalin plan of victory of world revolution-communism. If it is not doing so it is not the means of discipline and one central leadership to apply Lenin-Stalin plan of building socialism-communism and thus the Lenin-Stalin plan of victory of world revolution-communism. It must be corrected and/or changed.
2.3: it is thus that the method of criticism and self-criticism comes to its own and this method must be applied and must be applied correctly: for the victory of the correct line that has been proved in practice and been accepted by the party cadres, party members and by the working people.
3. We also know that for our cadres and party members and indeed for our top leaders to understand the well proven party line and to defend it under all conditions, they must all learn their Marxism-Leninism; that if they understood their Marxism-Leninism and were able to apply it under all the conditions of the country at hand and the world at hand, all the above problems would be resolved by the leadership, the cadres, the members and the people led by the Party, and thus the method of criticism, self-criticism would be applied correctly to resolve all our problems- for otherwise it would be misused to destroy our line and our work.