Restoration of Capitalism-8

Hello comrades

We have so far noted that there are two ways of measuring the labour time spent on the production of a product. One is the direct method: of directly measuring the time spent, and the other is the indirect method, that of using money as a means of measuring the time spent in the production of a product.

Let us note that the direct and indirect method of measurement was already noted by Marx himself and further developed by the Bolsheviks during their process of building socialism-communism.

Precisely in a book where the finance of USSR is considered in 1933 it is noted that what signify transition to communism will first be the achievement of direct method of measurement of labour time spent which will be followed by the second step, that is the achievement of abundance.

It is thus that while considering the Stakhanovite movement comrade Stalin notes that Soviet workers are now able to count not just each hour but each second. And are thus able to develop the means and methods of development of production, of productivity much faster and better.

If we are going to develop our ability to count each and every second of labour time spent on a product-on every product- and since these are the product of labour time spent by the working people we must know how every second is spent by each worker and how much time is spent by each worker.

There is one movement that occurs in history, 1900s whereby the study of worker and his movements in production process as an object of production is studied in detail: it is the infamous Time and Motion study of Taylorism.

Lenin noted this movement and how it was used to increase productivity under capitalism and thus how it was used by the bourgeoisie against the workers. As is known machines and thus the modern industry is owned by bourgeoisie and thus is used to exploit and oppress the workers. It is thus that every scientific development, every technological development is owned by the bourgeoisie and it is thus that intellectuals who work to develop science and technology of production are known as bourgeois intellectuals-they are, like the machines owned by the bourgeoisie, at the service of the bourgeoisie.

But if we are to build socialism and communism we know that it will be through the industrial workers taking over the industry, all the machines and science and technology of production. There is no other way of building modern scientific socialism-communism, there is no other way of achieving abundance! Taylorism, or Scientific Management Movement is yet another one of those scientific developments that occur under capitalism. Clearly it is used to further exploit the workers and to further oppress them. It is thus that Lenin taking full note of the fact that Taylorism is a means of increasing productivity and as all means of increasing productivity under capitalism this is also owned by the bourgeoisie-monopolies as was the case-and is used to undermine the workers. That the workers have to organise against the implementation of Taylorism by the bourgeoisie in a way that undermine the health of the workers, intensify the work and thus squeeze more labour our of them without any reduction of hours and without and betterment of the working conditions etc.

But he also notes that under socialism, workers would not take over only the machines, science and technology of production etc and further develop them they would also take over the Taylorism, time and motion study and further develop them. Socialism will develop production much faster than any previous organisation of society, and it will achieve abundance!

And before achieving abundance and as a means of achieving abundance it will be able to count and record who and how spends each seconds of his time in production of this or that product for only thus shall we be able to develop the production technology and only thus shall we be able to achieve the necessary information about our productive capacity to make better and better planning of production and consumption and reach abundance.

As we know all of these are now unified as computerised production-fully automated production- which also means recording of each and every second that is spent in production by each and every individual (as well as his consumption of these products) and since all this recording is also done automatically and can be made available to all is also a means of direct control of time spent by each in production and control by all of all that is produced and consumed.

But let us go back to Taylorism and to Tony Cliff-the Leader of the Trotskyites! One thing is obvious about communists: if one is a liar to the workers he is not a communist. If one lies about our leaders he is not a communist! Such lies are also and inevitably connected to making socialism impossible-and with destroying the socialism that has been built with such sacrifices.

Well what Tony Cliff does in his infamous book about “Stale Capitalism in USSR”?

He declares that Lenin objected to Taylorism, see he says, and points to the notes of Lenin when he is exposing Taylorism as a means of intensifying labour of the workers, as a means of increasing the exploitation of workers etc. From there he goes on to say that although Lenin was opposed to Taylorism Stalin and Stalinist are using it in the USSR. How anti Lenin they are and how anti worker they are them Stalinist bureaucrats. Take note of the fact that the very notes of Lenin this man refers to has the very reference by Lenin to the fact that under socialism just like all technological developments achieved under capitalism so will the Taylorism be used

Thus we see a clear method of lying used by Tony Cliff. But what are the effects of this lie-other than the obvious one of hoping to undermine Stalin and thus Socialism in the USSR?

Behind this lie lurks the Trot attempt to undermine any building of socialism in any country.
If we are going to refuse to use the science and technology of production at hand and further develop them how are we going to achieve better means of planning and how are we going to achieve abundance-which is communism!
By refusing to “count seconds” under socialism, by refusing to adopt and further develop Taylorism under socialism this man (and all his direct and indirect followers) refuse application of science and technology and their further development under socialism. And that means what we end up with is not scientific socialism but a bourgeois-sectarian socialism of a sect that denies development of production.
From there this man and his direct and indirect followers move to piece work and bonuses! One of the methods of Taylorism and thus one of the method we shall use is piece work (by the way this cannot be used everywhere). Why? Because this allows us to count the seconds and furthermore this allows us to know exactly who is spending how much time in production: it is only knowing this in as much detail as possible that we can provide wages for each comrades that reflects the amount of time each spent at work and that work has to be measured using common standards-every increasing (for it is productivity!). And how one is to have labour discipline to develop production and thus to make life better and in time achieve abundance and how can we achieve abundance if we do not have labour discipline and thus equality in wages that depend on the labour performed? For if you take away payment based on labour performed one cannot pay all comrades based on “from each according to his ability and to each according to his labour” and you thus destroy the building of socialism and the socialism that has been built!
Such are the Trotskyites, and such is the example of Tony Cliff and his Socialist Workers Parties all around the world. Outright liars and outright enemies of scientific socialism.
If we look at Trotsky himself we note that he was opposing to the electrification plan his plan of workers and peasants being organised in work gangs and being put to work using the pickaxe and digging shovel. He wanted us to miss our independent development based on electrification. Well he was not allowed to do so!
And the present day Trotskyites come up with their objection to Stalin and his socialism through Cybernetics! Rather this is their latest addition to the lies and distortions they crate to oppose Stalin and Socialism.
We have noted the role of computerisation-as micro-chips- in the automation and continuity of production. What is this cybernetics and why do the modern Trots love this and try to use it to undermine Stalin and his socialism?
Well, first of all there is no agreement about the lovers of cybernetics as to what subject matter this “science” is to study. But when it came out of USA it claim to be a science that takes over from all sciences. Replaces all sciences. Basically you note all the data, accumulate them in computer, churn them using this or that mathematical formulas and resolve all problems under the sun using computers and cybernetics. You do not need any other science. You have cybernetics!

It is not that you use computers to solve problems of physics, chemistry and indeed political economy and planning, you use computers and data put into the computers to solve all problems.

This of course is not science but pseudo-science and was declared as such by the soviet union during Stalin’s time.
One thing to note: computers were being developed and used in the USSR during Stalin’s time (all knows that to develop knowledge of nuclear reactions a special computer was built during and after second world war in the USSR.) Well Trots and all based on Titoite Trots do not know of these and do not want anyone to know of these!

We refer to these here because the new Trots who want to push this pseudo-science of cybernetics on us all in the way Trotsky tried to push work gangs with pickaxe on us claim that by calling cybernetics a pseudo-science Stalin and Stalinists blocked the development of computerisation?

Just as Tony Cliff lies as regards Lenin and Taylorism so the new Trots lies about computers and Stalin and USSR!

We have exposed cybernetics as a pseudo-science; we have developed computerisation and even before the computers were micro-chips we have developed fully automated factories (the famous Piston factory) and we have opened wide the gates to abundance with our automations, electrifications and Stalin plan of transformation of nature.

Those who put a stop to this development were Trots right at the top leadership of our movement. And amongst them were those who declared cybernetics a science and claimed they would solve all our problems using cybernetics while Khrushchev and gang were distorting political economy, disregarding the economic laws of socialism-and these lovers of cybernetics were claiming they could solve all our problems while all those distortions were being pushed on the society as well as many other political and cultural distortions.

It is clear that if we permit Trots and Titoite Trots of all hues to block us from applying the principle of from each according to their ability to each according to their labour” and for this develop our means of production leading to computerisation, and thus achieve the ability to directly measure the labour time spend by each and by all, and after this achieve abundance, we can not built communism and Titoite Trots of all hue-these vanguards of the reactionary bourgeois win..

We can not allow this to happen again.

We shall achieve the conditions to count time spent in production directly and in our way to there we shall learn and use the indirect method of counting the labour time spent, that is money and finance in a fashion that we shall get rid of all that is related to money and finance and thus to commodities. We shall achieve abundance, we shall achieve communism.