A Nazi turn up at the Canadian Parliament. He is 98 years old. He fought against the Russians in Ukraine-in Second World War. All stand up and clap their hero.
Canadian and Ukrainian Prime ministers included. Canadian one a social democrat, Ukrainian one a Jew-but most importantly a Zionist Jew!
All stand up and bow their head to their hero-the hero fighter against the Russians in Second World War!
There could be ignorant youth who do not know the first thing about the second world war and who fought the “Russians” in the second world war. But surely they are not the members of the parliament of Canada-and the prime minsters of Canada and Ukraine!
These people consciously applauded the Nazi one of the murderers of the people the world over: no amount of apologies and resignations will change this simple fact. Social democrats and Zionist Jews were the leading lights of this hero worship of the Nazi. And that is nothing new!


What happened after the Second World War? Nurnberg Trial happened: Nazi organisations declared criminal organisations. But take note: only the high ups of the Nazis have been tried. The rest? What happened to the rest?

We know what happened to them in the USSR and People’s Democracies: They were severely punished for their crimes.

But what happened to them in the “West” led by USA-UK.?

Well in the West they were protected!

Many a refugee transportation was organised by the West! All Nazis! Or and at best all Nazi lovers! Communist Haters!

No in-between than and no in-between now! For anything to do with democracy, anything that gives democratic rights to the people themselves was declared to be communist as well! Either Nazi or a Communist! Anyone who wants freedom of their nation from Western Colonialism, and that is after the second world war, anyone who wants democracy in their country, anyone who wants freedom of their people and want peace was declared communist by the West led by USA. And the cold war started against the “communists”, in actual fact against all those who love peace, democracy, freedom and peace.
Of course all communists are democrats, freedom and peace lovers and proved themselves to be so all through the second world war!

But how not to surrender the Nazis to the People’s Democracies and to the USSR where they have committed untold crimes?

But how not to surrender the Nazi lovers and supporters to the People’s Democracies and to the USSR where they have helped their Nazi masters commit untold crimes?

Especially after Nurnberg where they were forced to declare the Nazi organisations as criminal organisations and Nazis and their ideology as criminal-against humanity? How to defend the Nazis that one want to transfer to the “West” and use them against “communism” that is against democracy, freedom and peace.

Well the USA-UK led “West” became the defender of the human rights of the refugees!

UNHCR and a refugee charter for this organisation was produced-as part of the UN!
You shall find that this is an organisation and this is a charter that was protested, exposed for what it is and NOT SIGNED by the USSR and People’s Democracies! For the absolute utter reactionary aims of the UNHCR and its Charter was obvious! To save the Nazis and Nazi lovers from the wrath of the peoples the world over and most importantly from the wrath of the laws of USSR and people’s democracies! And thus to use them against peoples the world over and most importantly of against the peoples of the USSR and people’s democracies. As part and parcel of world wide war against democracy, freedom, peace and thus against communism!

Thus all the Nazis and Nazi lovers running away from USSR and people’s democracies and all peoples’ wrath were thus declared to be refugees and it was declared that it was part and parcel of human right to defend these people-from “communists”!

The 98 year old man in the Canadian Parliament happens to be just one of those! A well-known mass murderer saved and protected and used-and still being used- by the USA-UIK led “West” against peoples the world over: against democracy, freedom, peace and thus against communism too!


They were . together with the Titoites of Yugoslavia were used to wage “war of spies”, “wars of infiltration” and indeed guerrilla wars as was the case with Nazi Bandera of Ukraine and his gangs. They have indeed infiltrated all the way to the top of the parties and state machines of people’s democracies and the USSR. And when it was time to totally transform the degenerated People’s Democracies and the USSR, not only did these woodworms came out the wood in the People’s Democracies and the USSR, they were also transferred back from USA-UK led “West” all the way back to the countries of degenerated People’s Democracies and the USSR. They, the “well educated” (or not) and utterly anti-communist members of the “diaspora” from the People’s Democracies and the USSR, all those who were transferred to the “West” after the second world war, this “diaspora” were sent back to rule the Ex-People’s Democracies and the USSR republics-hand in hand with the woodworms already in the those countries!

Take note they have done a “good job” in People’s Democracies and the USSR, and that their job is now “done”!
Those Nazis do not have to be “refugees” in the “West”. They are back. And now they are themselves facing a “refugee problem”!

Look at “Braverman”, they UK home minister, she already declared her objections to the UNHCR and to the UNHCR convention of 1951: Take not she is not a communist nor is she a Stalin and yet and now it is her who objects to the UNHCR and its charter not Stalin and communists!
As they say, everything in it time and place!

One must not forget the fact that those degenerate Titoites who came to rule USSR and People’s Democracies have helped USA-UK and the West to use the UN for their war purposes-so much so that even an Austrian Nazi became the secretary General of the UN- and also helped them use UNHCR and the refugees charter by signing the charter and joining the UNHCR.

Thanks to these barbarians, these Titoite Trots, the Ex-countries of USSR and People’s Democracies have themselves turned into centres of reaction, centres of wars amongst nations, amongst countries, centres of slaughter and centres of refugees. What else one can do transforming the most developed socialist nations back to capitalism-one can not even transform them into a “normal” bourgeois nation-one can only transform them into barbarian bourgeois nations at the service of the “West” led by the most barbarian country on earth-USA.

As they say, everything in it time and place!


USA-UK led “West” have always used the refugees. We have seen what they did after the second world war. There is nothing holy in the world of barbarians: hunger (and food), illness( and medication); thirst (and water); cold (and cloth and shelter) , life (wars and slaughter) and even religions and national feelings, anything that need to be a right and defended is misused by the present day rulers of the world, by these barbarians.

People run for their life away from wars and slaughters, from famine and they are used to created “refugee problem” for friend and foe. Just another mass of humanity to use for own purposes-to create problem for the opponents, to cause harm to opponents; to help make war against opponents, mass of humanity turned into refugees and used: including even the fact that being driven to desperation these refugees are recruited for into irregular armies, posted all over the world to make war on others and to kill others: to create more refugees, Most barbaric things are done to create refugees and in the name of refugees even more openly than it was done immediately after the second world war. Refugees made and refugees used-refugees misused. Nothing is holy in the world of the barbarians.
Never forget the mass of women and children who were and who still are imported to the “West” from the “East” as prostitutes!

Never forget all the refugees and those who make them and those who use them and those who kill them.

Down with barbarians
Long live communism

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