60 Years ago, almost to the day, on March 12 1951, the motherland of all humanity, the leader of peaceful peoples of the world Soviet Union passed the Peace Defence Law.(Note 1).

This law made not only making of war but also propagation of war a major crime, a crime against humanity! People who propagate war and make war are thus criminals committing crimes against humanity!

That was 60 years ago!

For the last 60 years imperial powers led by the USA have been making wars, openly and secretly, against the working peoples of the world, against all the nations of the world.

They have organised wars openly such as against Vietnam, and used chemical and biological weapons and well as huge bombing campaigns. They are proud of their ability to send peoples and countries back into stone age, openly threaten nations with such consequences and make good their threat. They threaten to use their nuclear weapons against peoples!

They have economically, politically, diplomatically and militarily supported, all in all, organised all sorts of reactionary forces within countries and nations, and used these forces to rule those countries and nations. They have used these reactionary forces to make war amongst nations, amongst countries, openly taking sides. They have used these reactionary forces to make war by proxy amongst nations, amongst countries. They have used these reactionary forces to make war on the very nations and very countries where these reactionary forces are organised, that is they have organised internal wars, civil wars, and outright coup d’états. This is one of their ways of making war.

They have organised enemies of nations within the nations. They have organised enemies of democracy within democracies and democrats. They have organised enemies of working class within the working class movement. They have organised enemies of socialism, enemies of communism within the communist movement. These are their ways of making war.

They have made wars against working class, against the peoples, against the nations, against democracy against communism!

What they could not kill using weapons they have starved to death! They have used economic embargoes to make wars and to kill and transfer nations back to stone age!

And now as before they are led by the USA and they are all united around the USA, and not just the great powers of the world of imperialism but even the small powers and no power at alls of world imperialism.

In this world if the rulers of countries do not do as they are told by the imperial powers of the world, the western powers as they are known, led by the USA and forming a reactionary and solid grouping around the USA, if those rulers do not do everything these imperial powers want, even if they were one of those reactionaries created by them, war is made even against them, using this or that means.

War is their life. They cannot exist and they cannot survive without war.

It is for this reason that they have never ever contemplated passing a Peace Defence Law, they have hidden the fact that such a law existed, and they have made sure that the country that did pass this law, the Soviet Union was led by enemies of this law just like themselves and destroyed Soviet Union in collaboration with the enemies of the Peace Defence Law who were ruling the Soviet Union.

How could they make war upon war upon the peoples of the world?

The main reason is that Soviet Union was transferred from being a power that applied the Peace Defence Law in its internal affairs as well as in its international affairs, to a power that did not apply this law in its internal affairs as well as in its international affairs.

All those who are responsible from this major change in the policy of the Soviet Union are criminals who committed the crimes mentioned in the Peace Defence Law and thus are criminals who committed crimes against humanity.

For now, and as we can see, there is no power on earth to stop the criminal imperialist powers led by the USA. They do as they please and they please to do war! They are the criminals who propagate war and they are the criminals who make war!


USA led imperial powers have committed crimes upon crimes against the peoples, the nations, and countries of this world. Their hypocrisy has become visible to their own populations and has always been visible to the nations who suffered as a result of their crimes. Making war has become problematic.

This they have been developing new methods and creating new reasons that is excuses to make war.

They shall say and do anything to make war!

Nowadays they make wars to defend the rights of peoples to govern themselves, for democracy!

Nowadays they make wars to defend the lives of peoples and not just any other people but the people who are making revolution to govern themselves, for democracy.

Nowadays they make wars to defend the sovereignty of nations.

All these are supposed to have been ingrained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted and proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 10, 1948. That is another 60 years and more of years ago.

There was a discussion about this Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Note 2)

and Soviet Union and other socialist countries noted, amongst others, that:

a. This declaration did not defend democracy against fascism. It did not condemn fascism, Nazism.

b. This declaration did not defend the freedom of colonial peoples, equality of peoples, of nations.

c. This declaration did not defend the sovereignty of nations, of countries.

d. The human rights declared were backward, few and even these had no real backing in law.

e. This declaration did not provide no real means for individuals and nations and countries to practice even these restricted bits of rights.

f. This declaration did not impose no duties on the individual to defend his nation, to defend his country!


Not long after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was proclaimed the UN has been turned into an instrument of aggression of world imperialism led by the USA.

This has been clearly demonstrated by the invasion of Korea in the past, and of Irak lately and Libya right now.

The fact that they were preparing to do all these were noted by the Soviet Union and other socialist countries during the discussion on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Note 2 below makes this clear.

The declaration that all this is being done in order to save the lives of human beings in Libya is a most disgusting and hypocritical lie. Similar lies were aired right at the start of First WW. It was said that Britain was joining the war in order to liberate little, defenceless Belgium from the occupation of aggressive Germany.

Let us repeat-more or less- what Lenin said all those years ago:

Had it been for that reason we the communists would be the first to support such a war against the aggressor, imperialist Germany. But what is said is a lie. Britain has entered the war, has been preparing for this war, due to imperialist reasons, to occupy other countries, to gain new colonies, to defeat imperial rivals, not to liberate little Belgium.

Let us say similarly that, had it been for that reason we the communists would be the first to support such a war against the war maker Gaddafy looking for a space in the world of imperialism for himself, and against the stooges of Imperial Britain who are waving the flag of the slave King placed in this throne by Britain to serve Britain, those who are led by Islamists organised by Britain.

But just as during the First WW, so today Britain is led by liars, be in government be it in opposition, who are lying to hide their imperial aims, their war making policies, their war maker credential. They hope to hide their criminality true such lies.

But they have forgotten that no amount of lie and no amount of “we are doing all we can to avoid civilian casualties” will do. No one can avoid war crimes, crimes against civilians in a modern war and it is thus that the war crimes has long been replaced by the war itself as the crime.

All criminals, big and small will one day be punished by the peoples, by the nations, by the countries of this world, and first and most of all by the nations of these criminals.

War propaganda, making of war, provision of facilities for the makers of war is a crime against humanity!


Turkey and Greece as members of NATO, as members of the world imperialism are secondary forces, are auxiliaries of Britain, and USA. Our attention must be concentrated upon Britain, its repulsion from Cyprus, and Greece and Turkey must be put to shame for being supporters of Britain in enslaving Cyprus, for being NATO members, for not liberating the Cypriots (Turks and Greeks) but for enslaving them on behalf of NATO, on behalf of Britain and USA.

The fact that Greece and Turkey through their membership of NATO, through their close cooperation with Britain and USA have betrayed the Greeks in Greece, the liberation of Greece, and Turks (and Kurds) in Turkey and the liberation of Turkey, and jointly they have betrayed the freedom of Turkish and Greek Cypriots and liberation of Cyprus.

Not just that, they have through participation in this criminal organisation called NATO, this enslaver of nations, as well as the Joint European Defence Organisation, they have betrayed other nations freedoms. It is thus that our lands are used by Britain to bomb people of Libya.

We as Greeks and Turkish workers and peasants of Cyprus, we as Greek and Turkish communists of Cyprus, we as Cypriot patriots we must join our forces, create a mass movement against the use of these bases by Britain, and thus save our honour. Not just that, this way we can also doubly expose the hypocrisy of Britain. If a mass movement of Cypriots demand that Britain immediately cease the attack on Libya using the bases in Cyprus, and if Britain refuse this, it goes to show that they are not doing things for people to achieve the way they want to live-as they keep saying these days, but that all they want is to oppress and dominate other nations.

Britain should be told that making war is a crime against humanity and so is supporting these criminals in any way, and that our lands cannot be used for criminal activities and that we cannot be made party to their criminal acts.

British bases in Cyprus must close and all British right in Cyprus must be abrogated.

Note 1: “One of the most graphic illustrations of the Soviet Union’s fight for peace was the adoption by the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on March 12 1951 of the Peace Defence Law, according to which persons guilty of war propaganda shall be committed for trial as major criminals” ( see: Page 21, “34 Years of the Soviet State, report delivered by L. P. Beria, at the celebration meeting of the Moscow Soviet, November 6, 1951, Soviet News, London 1951”. For the original of the documents click here)

NOTE 2: (see attach document

Note2; see “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” document