Our Party declares that propagation of war is a crime against humanity. We base our demand for the passing of such a law by the society on the fact that 60 years ago we already had a society where this law was passed!

Please read below:

“One of the most graphic illustrations of the Soviet Union’s fight for peace was the adoption by the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on March 12 1951 of the Peace defence law, according to which persons guilty of war propaganda shall be committed for trial as major criminals” ( see: Page 21, “34 Years of the Soviet State, report delivered by L. P. Beria, at the celebration meeting of the Moscow Soviet, November 6, 1951, Soviet News, London 1951”.

It is obvious that war making is a criminal offence, the distinction between killing at war and killing of civilians during war as a criminal offence is an impossible distinction and thus those who are war mongers and war makers and their supporters must be punished for crimes against humanity!

This must be put to referendum under Direct Democracy and we hope will be supported by British People!